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Managed Services Solutions

As a small business, you have needs to focus on in all areas.

Firefly is here to help relieve you of the stress from the IT area specifically. We offer services and solutions for small businesses that cover all of your IT needs

  • Hosted Cloud Services
  • Small Business Server Services
  • Small Business Network Configurations

We're ready to talk whenever you are.

Cloud computing has become the way businesses are able to scale in today’s environment. The benefits are vast and include the ability to collaborate, minimize costs and be more efficient with our business overhead. 

Firefly offers clients hosted cloud solutions that are not “one size fits all.” Based on the specific needs of each of our clients, we’re able to find the solution that works for you. Whether that be implementing a new cloud hosted solution or migrating to cloud storage, we offer a variety of solutions perfect for almost any need.

With Firefly’s hosted cloud services, your business networks are collocated and/or hosted on servers in our data center. This approach improves the ability of your business to reliably connect to and store your most important information. It also means that your teams are able to collaborate more efficiently as shared work is stored remotely. 

We manage the infrastructure, software and administrative tasks. On a day-to-day basis this means:

  • Ensuring the ability to deliver updates over the internet
  • Providing troubleshooting and management remotely
  • Removing the need to worry about server technology upgrades as those are managed by the Firefly team
  • Managing storage limits for you and ultimately limits become a thing of the past 
  • Providing the ability for your company to access your company data from anywhere

If you’re looking for a solution to your cloud hosting needs, let’s talk further. Our favorite thing is to strategize to find just the right solution for our clients.

What’s the cost of downtime in your business? This is a question that may not be ideal to think through but it’s critical to understanding the cost of your systems breaking down. Employee lost productivity, customer transactions not being received to name a couple potential issues. Each business has their own answers to this question but no doubt that when systems don’t work as expected, results can derail your business fast. Specifically, having a strategy for your small business server is critical to your business success.  

Firefly serves their clients by reducing or eliminating downtime with proactive and intentional server strategies to name a few. Our team are seasoned experts with Microsoft Windows servers and provide steadfast and relentless attention to detail to keep your company up and running.

From configuration of a small business server to server monitoring and server management, Firefly provides the service to ensure your uptime is maximized and downtime is at a minimum. The proactive planning and execution provides you peace of mind about performance and security.

Have you taken a look at your server configuration lately? Does it still meet your needs and are you confident it is providing peak performance? We can help you evaluate your needs and solution. 

Running a small business network can present challenges. Different operating systems, equipment, and level of technical expertise can make it challenging to keep everything working optimally. With Firefly’s small business networking solutions, we provide hardware recommendations, installation, and management to help you keep focused on the core operations of your business – not the technology.

Network configuration options can include multiple components but we work with our clients to ensure they have the right tools and implementation for their needs. Options that Firefly guides clients on: 

  • Computer networking. Connecting each computer and device to the same network will ensure that collaboration, communication and productivity are maximized. 
  • WiFi & Mesh Networks. Ensuring that connectivity to WiFi networks is setup for the needs of the organization is where Firefly can provide guidance to troubleshoot or set up systems from scratch. 
  • Printers, fax machines and other devices. In addition to computers, other devices need to be communicating and accessible on the network as well. 

Our team provides support and troubleshooting for your small business network needs, provided by friendly professionals whose expertise and calm demeanors make them invaluable partners.

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